Counterfeit money facility (please do not delete :P)

The spam thread about countefeit money got deleted, and with it the idea it gave me:

  1. Fliers about buying counterfeit money with real money. (In gang members maybe)
  2. A printing facility (found very rarely in house basements) maybe destroyed in a gang war, the player finding it half-destroyed, with Zeds and gang corpes.
    Items inside the facility: Guns, paint, paper, machinery, terminals, money bundles.
  3. As i haven’t played with npc’s i don’t know if money bundles are usefull for trading, but if they are, “some” npc’s should be able to tell the difference, and some others not.

it has a certain ironic humor, i must admit. :slight_smile:

It’d be even more ironic if every once in a while they’d just show up EVERYWHERE.

Eh. Seems useless.

actualy is nice replace for gun filled basement (some zombies, more stuff like scrap not only guns, some junk to throw in fire)

Could be fun, but IMHO needs a bit more fleshing out. That said, the same goes for the cannabis-farm basement, that is already in and could do with a bit more content.

Concur. Counterfeiting basement would go well with the basement grow room.

Thinking: don’t we have a “secret” grow room basement? Counterfeiting/moonshine stills should probably be built on that, and then another one or two where it really is just a small basement.

Include a console with the ability to create counterfeit cash-cards using the Computer skill. Requires legitimate cash-cards as material but can dramatically increase the cash on them.

And can consolidate cash cards, too. :wink:

No, jcd’s right-on-spot. If legal stuff, and even pulp content like metamphs can have a spin and a variety - why shouldn’t there be a sweatshop for those kind of folks?
I’m very curious about post-apocy currency; it’s supposed to be both high-tech and obvious.

P: "How much’s that jug of moonshine there, bonebag?"
N: “Spit out two Shockers and we’re fine, meatchunk!”
…and P skids two patches of acid over him and zaps him.

Bottle caps are already taken. :wink: I think one of the survivor notes nailed it -> 9 mm. I’d go for either ammo (too many types of it to establish exchange ratios) or batteries (works well and can also be ‘counterfeit’ with some acid and lead plates).

As for the basements: They’re basements - the ‘hot stuff’ should be buried among various clutter or put into a distant corner that has been cleaned up ever so slightly.

…haiku time: Abandoned basement / Brewing up some autumn drugs / No fear of police

Outside of a specific faction backing one, there will not be a universal currency, there will just be barter with various items having more or less value to different individuals. The only thing “old-world” money will be good for is either starting fires or buying things from robots.

For example if you’re trading with a hermit that’s hiding in a cabin in the middle of the woods, they have no interest in pre-apocalyptic or faction currency, they have no intention of going to a town where they can get things from a robot, and they’re too far from a faction to use their fiat currency, all they’ll be interested in are things they can use to survive in the immediate future.

If on the other hand you’re trading with a faction merchant, they might accept their faction scrip as currency, but nothing else, depending on diplomatic state with other factions they might even accept scrip from other factions. If you don’t have that though you can still sell them things the faction needs or barter.

A roving trader might accept lots of different faction currencies, because carry weight/volume is at a large premium, and incidentally their valuation of other items would be heavily biased by weight/volume too.

In other words, it’s situational, there should be no universals.

Yeah, a basement with a small setup for producing counterfit money is a good idea.

I’m not so sure to merge it with a drug lab or guns/gangsters though. For me that’s two different types of crimes and criminals.

What about a rare mutagen cooker basement,

Probably with chemestry sets, has a better chance of spawning mutagen/ has chance of spawning mutagen… perhaphs you find some mutant thingy or npc mutant.

also secrets science lab, access is somewhere underground conneceted to a building or sewer pipe… could be some mad scientists lair so watch out for booby traps

Mutagen was just discovered by secret laboratories, there’s no way someone is cooking it in their basement.

Basement CBM installer maybe? with unnamed cbms with random install difficulty and possibly the stem cells machine from the hospital.

A console in a counterfeit basement that let you up the amount of cash on a card by adding a zero or something would be good though.