Could someone give me a list of places considered 'safe' by NPCs?

I was told a couple things, like evac shelters and farms, but presumably there’s more places that NPCs can go around to find refuge.
I want to finally find an NPC that I can have as a companion, dang it! I don’t want to simply be by the Hub’s static NPCs, they are only useful for quests and trading, it seems.

This kinda helps, but it isn’t especially explanatory.
I’ve gather that lighthouses (or a variation) is safe, that some sort of agricultural ‘terrain type’ is safe (presumably meaning farms and such), military places are supposedly safe (although presumably is more specific since the one I spawned in was littered with zombies), and commercial buildings are safe.
What exactly these are isn’t really all that obvious, and I have no clue what ‘overmap_terrain_hardcoded’, refer to, as well as ‘destination_locations’.

I don’t have a complete list, but i know that cabins also make the list of safe houses for npcs.

Okay, I had suspected as much but I wasn’t sure. Every little bit helps.

Open the files shown in that search result.

And in each one do a CTRL+F browser text search for “source_safety”

This will show you each and every overmap terrain in the game that is listed as such for the NPCs AI.

There is no overall list because such a list does not exist, it is purely compiled in-game and in-code for the NPCs AI.

Therefore to see this list, youll have to search those files yourself, there are 99 entries in total, for which the NPCs may travel to.