Corrupted message log and construction menu conflict

If you enter the 'E’at menu then press enter, it exits the menu saying you don’t have that item. The next message you get will be corrupted. Adding the bolded part will fix this. The 'D’isassemble menu also has this problem; if you enter the menu and press space bar, it will tell you that you don’t have item ’ ’ which might be a little confusing, though it doesn’t corrupt the next message.

void game::eat(char chInput) ... if (ch == ' ' [B]|| ch == '\n'[/B]) { add_msg("Never mind."); return; }
void game::disassemble(char ch) ... if (ch == 27 [B]|| ch = ' ' || ch == '\n'[/B]) { add_msg("Never mind."); return; }

Also, the construction menu assigns letters to its entries, i.e. q=Build Door. But q exits almost every menu now, so there’s a conflict. Whatever is assigned to ‘q’ can’t be constructed.

You can scroll down to q and hit enter, but this is still an issue.