Copy-from is not reliable

After having to double check every single attribute which gets auto-copied for mutation IDs, I started to get paranoid and sure enough… not everything gets copied over when using copy-from for items, eg. thrown_damage.

It’s pretty common sense you’ll end up with ten million micro level bugs when you have disfunction on such a fundamental level.

Is there a list of things that actually do get copied or not? I really… really am not looking forward to double checking every single attribute to make sure it actually gets copied.

Case in point:

  • copy-from javelin
  • set all skills to 10
  • spawn a normal zed
  • turn on debug mode
  • throw javelin
  • stab damage is missing

If it works like items declaring a copied field as fals/0/etc will disable it.

Can you give an example?

“type” : “mutation”,
“id” : “FLEET”,
“name” : “Fleet-Footed”,
“points” : 2,
“description” : “You can move more quickly than most, resulting in a 15% speed bonus on sure footing.”,
“starting_trait” : true,
“changes_to” : [“FLEET2”],
“category” : [“MUTCAT_SPIDER”],

And I’m obviously not referring to booleans but strings inside category and so on.

Well it seems copy-from is having issues in general