I, like many other players Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead, I would like to see in the game co-op mode. Together more interesting and easier to survive. Players will take moves turns depending on their speed. Fast characters make more moves than slow. This applies to the time - player can read the book, skipping moves, and this time the other players move. You can add an indicator that shows whose turn it is. You can chat in the log (if the players are close enough to each other), radio, mobile phone (if you establish connection, after fixing the communication station or building their own antenna). If to add to the game co-op, it will be great.

[quote=“S0ZDATEL, post:1, topic:12334”]If to add to the game co-op, it will be great.[/quote]This is a suggestion that’s been tossed in many times and pretty seriously considered.
Cataclysm DDA will not work properly as a co-op game, without gutting what makes it function as a roguelike, or otherwise practically making a new game entirely.
I suggest doing a forum search and looking at the previously stated sentiments.

C:DDA:CO the branchening

No, just no.
This has been brought up plenty of times, but making it happen will require a complete overhaul of game code.
Here a one problem it poses:
Player A reads a book
Player B still wants to move around.
Does that mean that Player A has to wait for player B to move for 2 hours or does Player B have to wait for player A to finish the book?

The best way for co-op to work is to hand wave a lot of ingame time mechanics, use realtime for completing actions(a lot of stuff would have to be sped up, so more hand waving) and a tick-based turn system something akin to old MUDs.

It’d also never work for random online play. You’d strictly have to play with friends, and probably only one friend at a time. As for reality bubbles, just track the two for the players.

Also this post is not a “It’s so simple look at how it should work” statement. Doing the above is not simple, it’s just the best way I can think of how a multiplayer C:DDA would function.