Constructing Roof over Reinforced Door Deleted Door

Hey hey, found another little glitch in the matrix.

I’m renovating a garage in a mall for my own ends and I’ve been patching the roof after, one, it fell on my head after busting down some walls, and two, because a hulk broke down my inner wall after jumping down from the top floor.

So, above my door is a section the builder detected did not have a roof, so I filled it in as I was going along to ensure I didn’t have another hulk saying hello. Then, poof, goodbye reinforced door that cost 5-10 minutes of resource shuffling.

I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of entity layering that’s not fully fleshed out or a line of code that overlapped with floor entities. Something like Roofs being equal to any other furnature on the grid.

Just adding another thing to the cue: Threading Construction entities so that Rooves don’t conflict with other furnature entities for the same location.