Considering helping C:DDA localization

so i was bored and decided to browse around internet about C:DDA and then i found that C:DDA has transifex localization project, and among many languages there is one language that is my native language, Indonesia…

so im starting to consider trying to do some localization for C:DDA in indonesian language, but what should i do first?

The basic game menu, especially the keybind menu. Then I’d probably focus on combat messages, then crafting messages. I’d leave NPC dialogue to the very last.

welp XD i already started at translating some items and its description.

very well, game menu and keybind here i go.

i forgot to ask, if i start translating on Transifex, will the translation be implemented into the game or go through some review first?

It will be implemented on a regular basis, most commonly once per week. The review system on Transifex is mostly for quality control, when you have enough trànslators in your team to not only translate, but also to check what other members of the team translated.

allright, somehow i feel like the only team/person that’s translating the ID language for C:DDA right now XD

currently translated 133 strings. i would take a rest at 200 and continue tommorow.

Keeping the constant pace and setting yourself a daily quota is a good practice if you really plan to tackle it by yourself. From personal experience of translating over 30k strings over the course of several months.

allright, i was hoping that with this ID language translation, i could introduce this game to indonesian gamer (modern and classic gamer).

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okay so im stuck with this one conflict…

one string is called “cement” that when translated into indonesian, would be “semen”

on one side, this would make sense for indonesian player but for english player… might have some wrong perception about it.

i would try to use another word for it.

English players won’t be seeing the Indonesian translations, I wouldn’t worry too much unless you think people using the Indonesian translation would also have wrong perceptions.

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oh okay. just to make sure i don’t made a mistake…