Connected electrical systems do not work?

See screenshots:

Vehicles are connected by heavy-duty cable, the one on top has full charge (both batteries are 40000/40000) but lower one continues losing energy despite HDC being displayed as connected to both vehicles.
Should I make an issue on github or maybe there’s something I have missed? Same system worked fine when I used it last time but it was a long time ago, even before NC update.

It might just be a display issue. Like it looses power because there’s no power gen on this grid, but then it draws from the other grid and display code does not take that into account

You are right, the charge fluctuates somewhat but keeps nearly at maximum possible (40k in this case).

Although there’s another thing - unless there’s at least one battery installed in the solar array(vehicle in the 1st picture), you cannot see actual wattage of the array.