Computers for research and fun

in all likelihood the mainframe for the robots would be cut in to nodes for long distance control those could be hacked but would take lots of skill and good gear

Now that may be a reasonable idea. Make it very difficult and require a good device + skill.

Maybe add some kind of mini-game for a hacking ,so it would be more chalenging?

i would say you could hack robots bot by bot and it would be much easier just that you could do a mass hack from the node but it would be much harder.
also how about a building like a lab or factory would have its own node to hack meaning just becuase you hacked the node for the area some area have robots running on a different node in building

I’ve been looking forward to something like this since I began playing and is something I’ve suggested in the past. Having a fully fledged out interface and functionality for computers and smartphones is exactly what I need for my CDDA experience.

I’ve tried to throw a similar simpler idea together but just don’t have the aptitude for coding to get it to work. The end result would have been being able to use an SD card to transfer a handful of useful applications from different smartphones found in the world to a singular smartphone, these “applications” are just functions already in the game tied to different items. I thought it would be as easy as adding those tags to a custom item, and maybe it is, I just can’t wrap my head around the errors.

You’re more than welcome to draw inspiration from my failed attempt, maybe fix it up and use it in your own mod.


“id”: “tech_phone”,
“type”: “TOOL”,
“name”: “techphone”,
“name_plural”: “techphones”,
“description”: “A popular, fancy smartphone, this one belonging to a tech enthusiast. Loaded with applications. The previous owner seemed to have optimized battery life in comparison to a standard smartphone. Runs on a small, rechargeable power cell compatible with Unified Power Supply.”,
“weight”: 230,
“volume”: 1,
“price”: 25000,
“price_postapoc”: 4000,
“material”: [ “plastic”, “aluminum” ],
“looks_like”: “cell_phone”,
“symbol”: “;”,
“color”: “light_gray”,
“ammo”: “battery”,
“initial_charges”: 110,
“max_charges”: 120,
“charges_per_use”: 2,
“use_action”: [
“target”: “smart_phone_flashlight”,
“msg”: “You activate the flashlight app.”,
“active”: true,
“need_charges”: 5,
“need_charges_msg”: “The smartphone’s charge is too low.”,
“type”: “transform”
“type”: “reveal_map”,
“radius”: 180,
“terrain”: [ “hiway”, “road”, “bridge”, “fema_entrance”, “bunker”, “outpost”, “silo”, “shelter”, “hospital”, “school”, “police”, “sub_station”, “bank”, “s_restaurant_coffee”, “s_restaurant”, “bar”, “s_pizza_parlor”, “s_restaurant_fast”, “s_pharm”, “s_gun”, “s_grocery”, “mil_surplus”, “s_gas” ],
“message”: “You look at the satelite imaging and add as much as you can to your map.”
“type”: “musical_instrument”,
“volume”: 8,
“fun”: -5,
“fun_bonus”: 2,
“speed_penalty”: 10,
“description_frequency”: 20,
“player_descriptions”: [
“You play a little tune on your instrument app.”,
“You play a beautiful piece on your instrument app.”,
“You play a sonata on your instrument app.”,
“You test out some preset songs on your instrument app.”
“You mess around with your instrument app.”
{ “revert_to”: “tech_phone”, “type”: “CAMERA” }

I hit a wall due to the item tags being tied to specific items, when I finished using the function it would revert back to it’s default tool. To get this to work I would have to make identical tools with a different ID and a custom revert_to ID. I couldn’t figure where to find the codes for the more advanced functions like the MP3, where I would have then made a copy and named it MP4 with a revert_to ID tied to my device rather than the default MP3, and so on.