Cocaine of Whiskey: A Memorial to a hilarious bug!

Post any new sightings, optionally with pictures.

This was a hilarious bug, not sure if it was fixed. But it was a hilarious bug that compounded items into things like vitamins of vodka or cognac of methamphetamine.

Any oldies will remember, I have very fond memories. Especially of NPCs’ skulls randomly exploding.

Unfortunately, this bug should, with the new item system, be a thing of the distant past.

You may say that, Williham, but I managed to get a “plastic bottle of plastic bottle” while testing an inventory rewrite.

[size=36pt]SOMEBODY SAY PARADOX?[/size] :stuck_out_tongue:

A plastic bottle full of plastic bottle?

Cool dudes.

I rember geting Sewing Kits of Apple Cider (3)

Completely unusable and thus my charecter died of thirst in V 0.2. Good times mate.

I miss my cocaines of whiskey. Why did they have to die so young!? WHY!?