Clothing Ideas

[quote=“AseaHeru, post:20, topic:5695”]I just want to wear towels on my head or as pants, and bandanas as a hat…
More things in more places! Like allowing goggles to hang around your neck![/quote]
Or a T-Shirt over the head like rioters do. I like this suggestion. This could be done by adding recipe to craft them but I think it should be done by something similar to activate an item.

something that hasn’t been addressed is “stretchiness”, I can wear two pairs of fitting socks over each other because they stretch.
perhaps we could (eventually) have a size system for your character and clothing, each body part (or just you as a whole, which would make it simpler) would have a clothing size, when you refit a garment you could choose what size to make it, and stretch would allow a garment to go up [stretch] number of sizes. So:
my belly size = 6
my t-shirt size = 5, stretch = 1 (will fit)(layer 6 taken)
my t-shirt size = 5, stretch = 1 (will not fit)(layer already taken)
my jacket size = 7, stretch = 0 (will fit)(layer 7 taken)

I don’t see the point really, all stretchiness would do is increase how common fitting clothes of a certain type are. e.g. “one size fits all” type stuff.
Leaving out explicit clothing sizes was an intentional decision, because it doesn’t much matter how exactly something fails to fit, just that it does.

It matters in that if something is too small, it can’t be worn, whereas if it’s too big, it can be worn, but it’ll be baggy and awkward.

I’m not arguing in favour of a clothing size system, though, I still believe it would be better to simply limit the clothing you can wear in each slot.

Thankyou for understanding we are gods of the T-shirts.