A couple of ideas. One re: tailoring and the other about a bionic

Disclaimer: I haven’t been keeping up with the unstable as I should, so if I’m saying redundant things, let me know.

Additional tailoring options: I thought of three. Adding wool for warmth (requiring felt patches), adding plastic sheets for wind and water protection (requiring plastic chunks and rags), and adding pockets (using rags).

The first would be as simple as it comes. Adds a bit to the warmth of clothes without making them encumber you more.

The second would be like adding raincoats under your clothes, and reduce wet penalties.

The last would add 2-6 storage, maybe depending on the volume of the clothing item in question, and be forbidden for clothes below a certain volume. That way you can’t add pockets to your underwear.

A cybernetic arm CBM. I had a few ideas for this one, leading up to the main reason, so stick with me. The CBM could do one of these thing or several.

1.) Increase Dex by 1, due to the precision a cybernetic hand would allow.

2.) Lower your chances of being disarmed, due to the gripping power. This could also refer to losing your weapon due to it sticking in a zombie.

3.) Remove the “aluminum tongs” requirement from smithing recipes, like the anti-glare compensators do for welding goggles.

But here’s the main reason I thought of it. A replacement for the arm lost from taking the Fusion Blaster CBM. These two would be mutually exclusive, and attempting to install one over the other would prompt a y/n confirmation for replacement.

This one was in game for a while, but got removed due to difficulty with balancing it.

General feedback, if your idea involves “makes something better without any down sides” it’s probably a bad idea.

I don’t think adding waterproof patches to an existing article of clothing is a reasonable way to make it waterproof.

The problem in general with the whole “add new features to clothes” concept is that what balance there is is based on the un-modified versions of the clothes. If we add things like this we either need to somehow build a whole system for encumbrance to whatever equivalence, or just rebalance all the clothes assuming people are going to add all the features, which means adding them becomes mandatory. It’s also not just changing the numbers, now there’s a range of values for every article of clothing, and it keeps getting worse with every new type of modification that is added.
Meanwhile, adding arbitrary bits to clothes doesn’t make much sense in the first place (compared to making a new article of clothing out of them), and isn’t really much fun either.

Well, I was balancing it against the existing tailoring options, which don’t seem to have any downsides.

Maybe if it needed one, it could be that if you added wool or fur, you couldn’t add leather or kevlar.

All of the existing tailoring options add encumbrance.

Ah, well, there’s where our wires were getting crossed, then. As I said in the opening post, I don’t really keep up with unstable version. The description of the tailoring additions in 0.C say they don’t add encumbrance. Sorry.