Claiming an Area

How hard would it be to code it so an NPC could claim an area and the items inside of it. You go to pick up an item in an NPCs home and have it prompt you if you want to try and steal that item? Also, we’d need NPCs to spawn into houses that they claim. :stuck_out_tongue:

NPC’s claiming houses and items sure, but I really dislike the kind of magical knowledge where items owned by other individuals are marked for you.

well, i would assume everything in the guy’s house is owned by them.

You are no wiseguy.

I get what you mean, Kevin. No mystical knowledge. But I still think there should be a prompt before you try and steal something in front of the NPC. I’ve done that by mistake in games and was very frustrated when I’m getting in trouble with an npc for picking something up.

The prompt would be the NPC yelling at you or something, with an option to drop it.
The other side of things in a typical game where the entire town becomes hostile because you picked something up is also rather insane, so we’d avoid that as well.