[CHOP] tags missing

Forged sword and crude sword items don’t have a [CHOP] tag on them, resulting in them getting stuck on attack constantly. Is it supposed to be so or a mistake?

Edit: while browsing jsons also noticed that hunting knife is missing a [STAB] tag and fake nodachi has [SLICE] instead of [BASH].

first thing first, I’m unaware if it’s intentional or not. but-
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[sub]checking the item browser-[/sub]
It seems like not many of the cutting weapons have [CHOP] tags, only the ‘exquisite’ / ‘endgame’ ones and those designed for chopping.

[sub]Lore-wise / trying to reason it through-[/sub]
One could argue that the survivor, being a novice blacksmith- [size=8pt]or designer, if he was a blacksmith before the cataclysm-[/size] Did not design the sword with proper balance or shape making it ineffective for chopping.

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Just went through melee.json and tools.json and the only things dealing more than 3 cutting damage with no attack type tags are some unpowered power tools, some traps, blade, circular sawblade, hoe, scythe, sickle, lajatang, glass shiv, crude and forged swords and hunting knife (this one definitely a mistake). Blade and sawblade are pretty obvious, glass shiv also lacks a proper handle, sickle, scythe and lajatang are probably tagless because they’re awkward to use as mentioned in their descriptions. The swords (and also the hoe, to a lesser extent) are a little bit out of the picture here, considering that even the trowel has a [CHOP] tag.

Also spotted that all other fake weapons have [BASH] tags, while nodachi has [SLICE], probably also a mistake.

Yeah, they probably should have the tag. CHOP isn’t exactly a powerful tag, so adding it to those weapons wouldn’t do any harm.

Or we could just scrap the penalty for lack of a tag. It’s not like anyone seriously uses improvised weapons for anything other than bashing down shockers.

CHOP tag could become something of a bonus, helping with armor penetration or something like that.

Chop could give an improved chance to make parts sail off in an arc when that gets implemented.