Character information at the top of the character page appearing as $s | $s | $s

On the latest experimental. Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes I have no clue what’s causing it.

Can you provide version or build number please?

Confirming for ‘@’ screen. It may also happen in some other places.

Pretty sure no one touched code regarding character screen drawing. It must be something low-level, possibly related to changes that make the game compile on other platforms.

Yeah I’m on the latest Experimental Build and I’m noticing it there

please list exact build number if you can, “latest” becomes outdated quite quickly around here :slight_smile:

Also getting it here too, current version is 87093bf.

Showed up both on my krav maga catgirl character and on the troll I modded in.

I only saw it after I mutated. thought it was related to spider mutation. I guess not.