Character Idea: The Pirate

Hello all. I was thinking of making a character who was basically just a temporally transposed pirate from the Golden Age of Piracy (Think Sid Meier’s Pirates!).
Basic point being, I was wondering what you guys thought might be appropriate starting equipment and mods for such an idea. I’m not savvy enough to fool around with creating a custom class, I was just going to start as a survivor and edit his equipment, so I was wondering what you thought might be a good setup. I have some ideas, but I’ll need to check through the items list first, and I’d love your thoughts.

That… Wouldn’t be very hard at all, honestly. The hardest part would be the clothes, because a pirate from the Golden Age of Piracy in the Carribbean Sea would be dressed for the tropics, not wintertime in New England, and most of his clothes just do not exist in the game. Doublets, pantaloons, etc.

That, and because of the way the game handles - or more accurately does not handle - multiple items being carried in one holster or dual-wielding, a proper bracer of pistols and a pair of swords, Edward Kenway-style, would be basically impossible to properly model.

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Wear multiple holsters (you can wear two of each item) however to make something effectively that you will need to add them yourself.

The problem with that is that unless you make the holsters like rings and not cover any part of your body, they’ll apply a stacking layer penalty.

And honestly, a pirate should have like, six or eight flintlock pistols on his person at all times, yarrr.

That is what I figured.

Creating clothes and professions are incredibly easy, just open the corresponding JSON with notepad++ and copy paste and edit or find a mod that adds and few items and a profession and copy rename and the add your changes there. Its not as difficult as you think.

RIP my phone displayed this as recent and i didnt check the date.

Yes, it’s very easy to do so - however, adding graphics for those things is very non-trivial. And if you use a graphical tileset, then having your mod-added items show up as letters the size of houses is not desirable.

Playing a pirate actually sounds kinda fun.
Starting equipment, I’d recommend:


  • gold ring
  • gold earring


  • rapier


  • knee-high boots
  • bandana
  • fingerless gloves
  • dress shirt
  • leather pants
  • scabbard

bonus points if they can’t read :wink:

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