Changing PC name?

I’m trying to rename my character without moving him to another world, but found nothing in the save files until now. Anyone knows how to do it?

Here’s a complex method:

  • Back up your save files (no need to back the “maps”, just the .sav files)
  • Open a base64 converter, for example
  • Convert your new name to base64. Add # as the first character.
  • Rename your old character’s files to the new name in base64. Keep the extensions

For example, if your old character was named “Reyes McCartney”, you would have files named “#UmV5ZXMgTWNDYXJ0bmV5”, with different extensions. If you wanted to change character name to “qwerty”, you’d encode it in base64 to “cXdlcnR5”, then rename old files to “#cXdlcnR5”.

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This is pretty neat. Thanks.

Thanks Coolthulhu. This will come in handy.

But now I’m curious. Can anyone tell me why the game uses base64 for the file names instead of just plain ASCII?

Because names can have non-ascii symbols.

Oh, that makes perfect sense. Thanks.