Challenge : 30 days Supplies Challenge

30-day supplies challenge

The end is coming. In 30 days, there is an announced bombing in all areas except evac shelters. We have to get as much resources before the bombing starts.

The challenge follows a point system like some of the other challenges in other games. Here are the current ideas, feel free to add so I can modify it into a proper challenge


[ul][li]Plastic jerrycan of gasoline. (100 points each)[/li]
[li]Rope 30ft (100 points each)[/li]
[li]Batteries (50 points per 1000 batteries)[/li]
[li]Clean water (1 point for each charge)[/li]
[li]Food that doesn’t rot (1 point each) [/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Master of all trades (find one of each tools) (100 points) (1 see below for list) (must complete list to get points)[/li]
[li]I am a doctor (30 pills of each kind, 5 charges of first aid and 10 bandages) (150 points) (2 see below for list) (must complete list to get points)[/li]
[li]Drug lord (30 charges of each kind) (150 points) (3 see below for list) (must complete list to get points)[/li]
[li]Book worm (10 points for each type of books)[/li]
[li]Alcoholic (25 points for each long island iced tea)[/li]
[li]Coffee addict (5 points for each plastic bottle of coffee)[/li]
[li]Trust me, i am an engineer (60p for teleporter, 40p for each UPS, 2p for each other electronics[mp3, radio etc.]) [/li]
[li]CBM Fanatic (25 for each unique type of CBM)[/li]
[li]Mine over Matter (25 point for each land mine(disarmed))[/li][/ul]
Rules of the challenge (v0.4pre)

  1. The following traits is not allowed since they are essentially free points.

[li]Truth teller[/li]
**Turn skill rust off for this challenge, since most people don’t really like it that much, and it probably have little effects on this challenge.
2) Start in a newly generated world. Delete your save folder instead of using the in game reset.
3) At 2359 of day 30, before turning day 31, you must be in your evac shelter.

The basic idea of this challenge is to push the player further, to make them explore more towns, and increase the pace of the game.
If you have any interesting ideas to add to this challenge, share ! :smiley:

(1) Master of all trades
[li]sewing kit[/li]
[li]hack saw[/li]
[li]wood saw[/li]
[li]soldering iron[/li]
[li]bolt cutter[/li]
(2) Doctor

[li]first aid[/li]
[li]sleeping pills[/li]
[li]caffeine pills[/li]
(3) Drug lord



What about MREs and guns and everything else?

I don’t think I have even made it to day 30.

Does it have to be the evac shelter you started within, or any?

Maybe instead of giving a point for jerky and bread, it would make more sense for having 1point for every item of food that is not rotten. Though you can cook rotten meat, or make cider out of rotten apples and it works as fresh, but this would not make a big difference in the cheating category, but add more supplies for your shelter.

Also maybe make a single unit of clean water be a respective amount of points, so yo udont nececerally have to stack canteens/waterskins.

I didn’t want to include guns / ammo because that will make people not want to use them.

I would like to include all non-rotten food. But would it be better if I include only foods that do not rot ? I am not sure if bread rots though.

I’ll edit and put points for clean water in :stuck_out_tongue:

Making to day 30 the simple way is not hard. Clean a house, make a stone pot, get some spear and hunt in the wild and never go into town.
The reason you never get to day 30 is probably because of what I want to encourage with this chalenge; Explore !.

Also, I am thinking that 30 days is too long of a challenge :P. How about 15 days?

What about the player must survive in the evac shelter for 15 days to let the fallout settle into the ground.

hmm I thought about giving points for that , but I think surviving inside the shelter just require you to have enough food/water in the shelter and that is covered by the point system.

Perhaps I should have a minimum amount of water/food requirement ?

well then it could be a required amount of food/water which would be worth some points and then everything over that would be extra points

While I can appreciate the desire to stockpile high explosives, is the evac shelter itself going to suffer from nearby explosions? Cause I’m getting a very :S feeling from stockpiling C4 in a tight, enclosed space that’s going to suffer shockwaves from bombing. And C4 is a stable explosive. This is to say nothing of if I get mininukes or dynamite.

Or is it that you’re taking shelter so you don’t wind up having to deal with radioactive fallout? Or chemical fallout. Or whatever.

I added the land mine just for laugh , because I can imagine people trying to disarm mines to get points and got killed in the process evil grin

It’s too bad guns and ammo aren’t worth any points, I almost never use them in my play-style so it would have given me more of a reason to horde them. I’ll have to give this a shot sometime.

I almost always use guns, so If I do ever decide upon completing the 30 days supplies challenge I will hoard them anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

But if ammo counts towards point, you may not want to use them :P. That would give people who don’t use gun an advantage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I Probably will start a game today to try :smiley:

Disarm landmines
Blow a hole into a bunker, loot guns, ammo and MREs.
hope to hell the bunker survives the bombardment.