Certain Hoods Think They're Helmets

Currently both the survivor wetsuit hood and winter survivor hood do not count as fabric headgear for the sake of mutations. Attempting to wear them returns the message that one cannot wear a helmet with their ((horns/antenna/whathaveyou)).

The regular, light and fire variants however seem to work as intended.

Survivor equipment is most likely like armor with some added benefits.

However such a heavily modified piece of armor should be a let of it over horn/whathaveyou.

It is true that Kevlar is listed right beside nomex and neoprene in their materials, but with a word like hood right there on the item name I can’t see them as anything but non-rigid. So I suppose this is an issue of:

A) These items should not be non-helmet mutation friendly
B) These items should be non-helmet mutation friendly

In case of A) the wetsuit and winter hoods need to be adjusted. If it’s B) the regular, light and fire variants need fixing.

Personally I’d love to see all these hoods get helmet analogs and become slightly weaker variants for the transhuman in need of a fashion statement.

I believe that headwear is considered a helmet if it has nonzero encumbrance.