CDDA Keybindings Cheat sheet (PDF)


I made a keybindings cheat sheet from the keybindings.json and vehicle.json files which ship with the game.

The PDF file is available here on github.

Fun stuff

There are 414 shortcut entries for a total of 488 keys (some entries have more than one shortcut). Of those 414 shortcut entries, only 38 are unbound.

A few info

The PDF file is automatically generated which notably means that not all keys will appear on this cheat sheet, just the ones that are in the key bindings game file. This means that keys that are bound in the C++ code will not appear (e.g. directional keys or menu keys for example).

This also mean I don’t intend to add anything to the file since I rely only on automatically generating its content.

Basically it goes like this:

  • (keybindings.json + vehicle.json) -> python -> latex (pdflatex) -> pdf

The code to generate the PDF file is available here:

  • You need the python script named and the latex file cdda_keybindings_template.tex.

  • Python 3 and a latex compiler.

Generate the latex output like this:

$ python ./ <game_path>/data/raw/keybindings.json -a <game_path>/data/raw/keybindings/vehicle.json -o ./cdda_all_keybindings.tex

Then use your latex compiler to get the pdf :slight_smile:

I’m aware of a few defects here and there in the PDF (which I haven’t been able to fix in the generated latex):

  • “Select items in dragged containers” (in Advanced Inventory category) is going over the next column

  • “New Char Scenarios” and “Uilist” categories are not properly aligned to the top of the page.


I’m just going to put this out there, i want to be clear that i mean nothing against the author/poster bye this, but having said that: PDF viewers are notoriously buggy and vulnerable pieces of software and it’s not going to be something your AV will pick up necessarily. Be extremely careful about downloading random pdf’s from forums, etc. a good rule of thumb is to think ‘is this necessary to be a pdf’.