CDDA-1786: Weird Tent glitch

I don’t know if this is really a glitch or not, but I found a Bandit Camp. In it was two working motorcycles. I decided to take one of the motorcycles for a test ride and ended up fumbling and crashing through a few tents. I parked my motorcycle and figured that I should clean up the mess I made. After cleaning up a tent a darken square the size of the tent was left. I stepped into the square and it disappeared. (I guess the the game can’t tell when the interior becomes the exterior) - I decided to go into an unharmed tent to pack it up and found that the darken square disappeared again. (It seems like the game doesn’t differentiate from different interiors and darkens the interior when you are in the exterior). I also notice a smaller thing, I set out the tent I just packed and it was a lot smaller, just big enough for me to fit inside.