Cataclysm: The Updated Great Underground Challenge! [WIP]

Haha! OK Ill modify the car to have the engine on the back so it wont die as easily perhaps its a little too dependent on luck now

I made it a bit further this time around, Got to the car, rammed into the bars a zillion times and then watched the engine break.
It made a tile wide hole in the bars, so I continued after smashing the front panel of the car a thousand times so I could get past.

I eventually made it to the spider forest part and then my game crashed.

You mean the bars that are immediately in front of the car? Because half of those have a switch to be opened and the other half has to be opened manually. Or do you mean the part where there’s rubble and a graffiti saying “Bill ram it here”

My version of the save didnt have the crash, it seems to be a normal bug of cata, not something related to my dungeon.

Became way too easy when I found a pneumatic AR.

Well, you are supposed to keep the bearings for later and there are only 25 of them if i recall correctly; and you are not going to get anymore on the whole dungeon, its technically meant to be a boss battle weapon for the later encounters, I am just giving it to you early so that you have more opportunities to waste them, the same applies to bullets and food in general, the current level is filled with them because survivors took refuge in the subways and sewers, but once you get any deeper you just wont find anymore of them.

There was 50, and I could always make PEBBLES

Oops the 50 are an oversight thanks. Must have placed a whole set with the Item spawned instead of doing it manually.

Zombie dropped a shovel? Cause there are 3 rocks in the subway (those would be 20 pebbles until you find a hammer), the only way you could get them is by cleaning the rubble(need a shovel) or destroying walls (waste pipe-bombs) If zombies also commonly drop shovels I will have to remove the rubble (ahh how tedious).

Yeah, zombie dropped a shovel. Also, a zombie dropped a jackhammer, so free rocks… Until you run out of gas that is.
(EDIT: Did not realize that the jackhammer doesn’t have gas by default. LOL)

Just wanted to tell you that my working save file got corrupted, and that I lost a lot of progress D: (more like i am an idiot and forgot to save before quitting)

Damn that sucks John, I was looking forward to this being updated soon as well. Do you plan on continuing this?