CataAdder - Easy to use item/profession adding tool

This is something i am currently working on creating. As of now, it is still a work in progress, but, once completed, it will be a pair of tools.

The first tool is the code generator which, when passed any ITEM json, it will generate all the java code needed to update the main tool (the one most people will use) so long as the passed json follows the rules set at the top of both tools code. This will primarily be for GIT developers in case I disappear for a while (or forever).

The second tool is the one that will be used to actually add items. However, due to the annoyances of java.swing (read, I am NOT redoing this), I’d like to have all of the things you want this tool to do prior to me actually creating anything beyond the basic data loaders and adders.

Here is a list of all the things I currently plan to allow the tool to have:

1: There will be a Create/Edit button. When clicked, this will open up a list of buttons for all the json types. When these are clicked, it will display a list of the names of all items in the json (with recent additions/loaded additions colored green) as well as a blank form, an update button, a delete button, and an export button. Clicking on a name in the list will update the form with that items contents. When update is clicked, the id for that item will be checked against ALL current items in that json. If that id is found, it will prompt you to confirm the edit. If it is not, the new item will be added. The delete button will prompt to confirm, and, if you are sure, will delete the entry. The export button will prompt you to make sure you are sure. If you are, it will overwrite that particular json, updating it

2: There will be, possibly not on initial release, an export additions as module button. This will export ALL additions across ALL jsons to a custom mod (in theory). I have not created anything in the module system yet, so this one is NOT a guarantee unless someone with more experience creating item adding mods is willing to help me.

If there is anything else you think this tool should do, please post it here as soon as possible. If I think it is a worthwhile addition, I will add it to the todo list above.

There is a abandoned CataModder that you could look at.

From the pictures alone I can tell he took the hard and pretty way, and the program suffered because of it. Sadly, the number, style, and flags in the jsons are in no way consistent with each other, let alone any standard parsing tool (material, for instance, can be a single value, a series of values, or nothing at all/not even a possible field).

This is one of those rare times where being too lazy to do all the hardwork is looking to be the better way.

It’s dated, yeah. You should, perhaps, get into the TileChecker tweak one of the guys did; it’s pretty useful and you might even come up with something to expand it.