Can't unbind suicide key. Help!

I can only unbind the suicide key for a brief period of time through the ?-1 menu. It persists through a save but resets to normal after I reboot the client. Keymap.txt in data isn’t doing anything for me. I’m stumped.

Workaround for the time being is to rebind the key to an Alt combination, like ALT-222

Yeah, I have the same issue. There are workarounds, as you say, but it’s weird behavior.

Have you tried to unbind the suicide key using the
? -> 1 | Menu?

Yeah, that’s the one I tried using.

I can confirm the automatic ‘rebinding’ of the suicide key if you unbind it, happens when the game is closed and restarted, but not if you load->unbind->save->reload without closing the game.