Can't throw clothes if already wearing another item of the same kind

I was trying to throw hip flask after changing damaged one to new, but it doesn’t work. When I’m trying to throw hip flask that is wielded by character, while wearing same kind of hip flask on a character, I receive message “You are not wearing that item”.
I’ve checked the same with wrist watch, and it behaves the same, I can’t throw it.
After dropping clothes item I can throw that kind of item with no problem.

Does anyone have the same bug? (if yes, I can log a github issue)

Version details:
Platform : Windows_x64
Graphics : Tiles
Build number : #11388
Build version: 0.E-9111-gd1e702b
Major version: 0.E

wore a watch, put another watch in hand, tried to throw, ‘you are not wearing that item’

so yeah, bug confirmed. throw that shiz up as a bug! (dont forget to include your save, though this one is pretty easy to test.)

of note: this occurs whenever you try to throw ANYTHING in hand that you are also already wearing. tested with a SCAR-H (while wearing my actual SCAR-H.) the tested SCAR-H does not have a strap for wearing, and has a different magazine in it, but still is unable to throw.

github issue logged: Can’t throw clothes if already wearing another item of the same kind · Issue #47044 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

to be fair though, grand scheme of things, a kinda minor bug so unlikely to be fixed anytime in the future, unless it ends up being linked to a greater bug revolving around throwing things.

A PR has already been submitted by Jamuro-g

Actually, would that bug have stopped you throwing a knife if you have a knife of the same type in a sheath? Or would you (potentially) throw the wrong knife? (e.g. throw the one in the sheath when you already had one wielded).

nah, cause you’re wearing the holster, not the knife.