Can't current load save

When i try to load my current save, this pops up and sends me back to the menu,any help?

Im still a dumbass who doesnt understand how this game works

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JSON fixer and a modder here - here is my fixed modpack, it will work perfectly fine on latest experimental (10628) and after the pocket_data update

Oh and overwrite these mods by copying and pasting them into the cdda/data/mods folder every time you update the game

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Thanks, it worked but the inventory interface looks a bit weird, and its kinda uncomfortable to use, i don’t wanna bother you but is there any way that i can have the old interface?

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I believe not /: , it’s due to the newest pockets aka nested containers update

You can stop updating for a while and use version with old interface for regular gameplay until you get used to new one.

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wait a few days and it’ll go back to how it was