Cygwin compiling problem with most recent build

I’ve never really had any problems using git pull, make clean, and make before this build

Try running [tt]make clean[/tt], then [tt]make[/tt].

even after deleting the cataclysm directory and doing a completely clean pull from git I still get the same error. I even went so far as to deleting my entire cygwin folder and redownloading absolutely everything again. No dice. Everything is fine until the end.

Understood, but your image clearly shows a [tt]make[/tt] using objects that already exist, and not building them from scratch.

Anyway, when you reinstalled Cygwin you didn’t include all the required libraries. That’s where the current error ([tt]-liconv[/tt]) is coming from. You’ll need to run setup.exe again and select the library.

Edit: I should have read the error closer.

Two new libraries were added in a recently merged pull request. Your install of Cygwin didn’t have these, so that’s why the compiles started failing.

forgive my retardedness, but beside what Darkling has posted in his guide on compiling in cygwin, I’m completely lost as to what additional libraries need to be added even after seeing what you posted.

Perhaps you need to isntall libintl and libiconv for cygwin.

Run setup in cygwin folder.

And that did it. I appreciate your help. Darkling is probably going to need to update his locked thread to prevent more posts like mine.