Cannot store planks in inventory

Hello, I think I found another bug. Since I had problems getting my rock forge to work I decided to update to the newest build and just copy my save over. Aside from spawning some error messages (the red on black kind) it mostly worked, until I tried to deconstruct some furniture and carry the planks somewhere else. I have several backpacks which should easily accomodate multiple planks, yet whenever I try it only lets me wield a plank to carry it, and if i want to pick up any others I have to drop the first one first. i did not test it with many other items, but it is the same for wooden panels, whereas metal sheets stack just fine for me.

Version: 0.E-3407-g845884a (run on Win XP)
This bug can be reproduced: create a new character in a new world, spawn a crowbar, spawn a big backpack (I tried with military backpack and makeshift sling so far), wear it, bash some furniture, try to pick up more than one plank.

Edit: Meh, I guess I found the answer, as usual only AFTER I posted it.

addresses this issue apparently.

Github’s down at the moment and I have no idea if it’s explained there, so I’ll answer it here anyway (even if you know, maybe someone else runs into the same problem):

A backpack has a maximum Item length of 35.3 cm, the makeshift sling 31.1 cm and the largest pocket of the military rucksack can hold 48 cm. The plank measures 130 cm and can therefore not be stored in any of these.

Which technically is true but in reality is dumb. It is definitely possible to put a long plank in a rucksack so it would stick out of it. We need some mechanics to allow long items in shorter containers. Say, make a chance of them to drop off when we are running or fighting in melee, or something. Bigger encumbrance, maybe.

I think there are two solutions to this.

  1. Implement bags with really long lengths and appropriate volume, large golfbags for example, that’ll allow you to put into them long items.
  2. Give most wearable containers an option to ‘unzip’ or ‘keep open’. This would allow you to put things of greater length into your bag at a cost to encumberance. A bag that’s over half full and kept open could also have a risk of an item falling out of it while the player runs.

People rarely put planks to bags. It should be allowed to have them stacked and carried using their hands though.


Maybe a plank “bundle” would work? A set number of planks tied together with a strap, like rag bundles so a group can be carried by hand?


Or a ‘bundle strap’ bag which can hold a decently high volume, but has a minimum item length of a meter (since you’re actually just tying a number of items together, and this requires reasonably large items)

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A bundle strap sounds like a pile of edgecase waiting to happen, when the game already has the reasonable IRL solution for these - Put them in a handcart or something. If someone is trying to move a pile of planks, your liable to just move them on a dolley or cart. A plank bundle ‘could’ work but you’d need some way to represent just how incredibly awkward carrying that around would be.

A number of possible ways to simulate that.

1 ) Add a Held Encumbrance tag to the backend to items that would cause such a problem.

2 ) Add a two hand feature and adjust everything to follow 2 hand rules beyond a broken arm preventing a rifle being held/fired. Would also hold possible throwing and dual wield object gameplay. Suggested this a long time ago. I think the work put everyone off more than the idea.

3 ) Scale the weight upward per object. To simulate the difficulty regarding moving…not huge fan of this one, but it would make you ponder how fast you can move with more items held in parralel to 1 at a time :man_shrugging:

4 ) Tie lengthy items like planks together and drag items. Which is actually more likely to happen than to find a cart in the wilderness. A log for another example.

5 ) Throwing this on the wall to see if it sticks; Meat hooks. Can be used for wood as well as dragging dead meat around.

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Would you suggest that this should replace (or… extend) the drag function that one has by pressing \? As in; you’ll need a meat hook to move wood and larger objects around with the drag function?

More like a a tool for immersion to help what is in place. So maybe the latter.

Running thought; add to it if you like. One method is to say dragging is impossible without a tool such as a hook/meat hook, in order to drag really bulky items. But I think it shouldn’t be impossible to go at it free hand. Just REALLY strenuous. Hooks could make the strain(stamina drain) less. Additional items could pad that as well. Add an “if”, Gloves(with a comfort tag?) + hooks= less strain to haul X object.

Brain storming. I like dragging crap around. But anything to lower the stress is a huge deal for me irl, with a bad back. Like different frames in a backpack to make a backpack sturdy instead of floppy. Different material for a frame makes a difference. Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Titanium or even plastic. But I’m getting off topic.

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Plus you then need to figure out how to handle it if you try to melee something while carrying a bundle of planks. What combat stats does an armload of planks have?

Just let planks stack when weilded in your hands.

Why are we adding yet another single use item again?

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Stack up to X amount, where X is compared to the actors strength. Low strength=1 plank. Higher=more planks.

Considering my guy has wielded and then placed on to another tile dinosaur’s corpse weighing a coupla tons with 12 strength, simply allowing planks to stack on their own as an item would be sufficient, like how bullets and flour stacks. Let the weight of the stack be the determiner for whether you can move with the stack or not.

He couldn’t move with the corpse, but he could move the corpse. Also haul it all the way back to base in 4 hours, despite you probably irl requiring a truck or large forklift to move such a thing at all.

Hauling large piles of things would requiring them being on a draggable tarp, or in a box, or in the case of the dino corpse a vehicle with winches and hooks that allow you to drag the body as you drive. Put it on a trailer or something if you don’t want the body to be damaged as you drag it along the ground. Thinking about this makes me want large entities to take the space of multiple tiles, their corpses too.

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It is heavy and encumbering.

Backslash drag is how I move most of the planks in my games, but that won’t help you if you’re trying to transport them from across the map.

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