Cannot get o.B to work on Mac

Hi all,

I cannot get the last version of DDA to work on my Mac… When I try to start the tiles version using the launcher, simply nothing happens (nothing really new here, I never got the tiles to work before).

When I try the “regular” launcher it doesn’t work either (more or less the usual here as well).

However when I tried to launch manually from the Terminal (which worked on the last versions), it does not work either and I get the following error message: “dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/liblua.5.1.dylib”. I googled the message but did not find anything really useful…

Any idea?

I tried to build manually with no success either :(…

Hey again,

Well, for anyone having a similar problem, the instructions provided here fixed the issue:

Now I can even get the tiles to work for the first time!