Can we have it so you aren't able to scratch yourself to death?

It’s rather annoying that my guy just died from scratching himself to death in the torso in his sleep…

What profession was he? Hmod must have been pretty low if he was damaging himself faster than he was healing.

Hmod? Does that mean Health modifier or something? If so, I’m a cyberjunkie, freaking leaky bionic keeps messing up my health and itchy bionic thing is what killed me. :neutral_face:

You can find it in your .sav as “healthy_mod”. It’s the value that Leaky Bionic decreases. Last I heard, every 30 minutes game time, Leaky Bionic does a check that drops it by 50 if it succeeds. It bottoms out at -200 just like “healthy”, but at that point your regular health, which determines healing, among other things, is plummeting as well.

Either Leaky Bionic, or the way healthy_mod affects heatlhy was changed in such a way that it drops healthy to -200 at the end of one day, as opposed to the several weeks that it used to take, effectively stopping your healing Day 1, and making you live off bandages and First-Aid kits. I raised an issue about it roughly two months ago, but since so few professions have the Leaky Bionic, and even fewer have both Leaky and something that can damage, such as Acidic Discharge or Itchy Metal Thing, it seems to have just been lost in the issues section.