Can monsters starve?

There is a giant wasp in my LMOE shelter.
I want it either gone or dead.
It refuses to follow me upstairs, even though it had no problem moving down them.
I made a few spikes on a stick and am trying my luck at stabbing and throwing them at the thing.

This thing is big, right?
So it would need a lot of calories every day, right?
PLEASE tell me this is implemented.
Seriously, this thing isn’t a goo zombie.
Please for the love of God.

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Sadly no, monster and animals, anthing not you or an NPC of your faction can’t starve.

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They’re basically fueled by unbridled rage. Which isn’t too far off from the regular wasp that was trapped in my window between the glass pane and the outside screen for eleven days.

I imagine a giant wasp works on similar principles of using white hot fury to ignore conventional knowledge of thermodynamics.