Burning a Forest bug

Not sure if this has been fixed as I was tinkering with a slightly old version around 8100 or some such. But worth noting.

When you burn down a forest. The shader stays active. So you cannot see behind a tree right? Well you should be able to have a clear view when you just burned or cut everything down. The blocked view stays, even though the trees are gone.

I think that’s just long/tall grass, which you could not see through and doesn’t burn.

It should definitely be changed to burn, but not well enough to spread fires otherwise the entire map would burn down

It’s not opaque anymore, so it’s not as much of a problem. But yes, long/tall (whichever one it is) should burn, and it only really appears in forests, so burning down the overmap isn’t an issue.

Nope. Not grass. Specific enough to where every tree happened to be.

When the tree burned to nothing. The vision was still blocked until you move directly onto the tile where the tree was or around where it was. But the view is still “blocked”. Line of sight is blocked as though the tree were still there. =/

Could you upload a save and find the specific build/version?

Nope. Not near that machine for a while. I think the version was experimental 8160 or 8162.

If the bug still exist and wasn’t taken care of. It should be easy enough to burn down a forest to test it. If this isn’t anywhere in the game in later versions. Guess we can ignore my thread.

Forgot to mention Tiles version in windows64. No idea why it slipped my mind. Chesthole32 Tiles.