Build is broken again on git

Latest on git isn’t building for me on linux with tiles

Linux 64?

Yes Arch Linux 64 bit

obj/tiles/savegame_test.o: In function `check_test_overmap_data(overmap const&)': savegame_test.cpp:(.text+0x562b): undefined reference to `Character::null_context' savegame_test.cpp:(.text+0x56f8): undefined reference to `Character::null_context' savegame_test.cpp:(.text+0x57c5): undefined reference to `Character::null_context' savegame_test.cpp:(.text+0x5892): undefined reference to `Character::null_context' savegame_test.cpp:(.text+0x595f): undefined reference to `Character::null_context' obj/tiles/savegame_test.o:savegame_test.cpp:(.text+0x5a2c): more undefined references to `Character::null_context' follow collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** [Makefile:30: cata_test] Error 1

Did another git pull, and it’s working again.