Bugs under skin condition is bugged

In the latest experimental build (I think, I downloaded it yesterday), the bugs under skin disease you get from dermatics, never ever goes away. Not with royal jelly, and not even over time. I can’t cauterize it away either. I probably should have seen this coming playing with an experimental build, but it’s kind of ruining the game, to the point that my character is scratching themselves to death.

I can abuse the infinite bandages/medikits bug, but it’s still rather annoying.

Edit: Also to point out, I’ve already have bugs errupt from my skin, but nothing spawned near me, and only my left leg was hurt from the bugs erupting.

Editara: Nevermind, it did go away on its own. My bad.

Editaga: I’m never going to live this down am I?

Bugs under skin is mental condition mate, not real. It’s a delusion your character suffers from schizophrenia.

Not necessarily. He referred to dermatik attacks: they reproduce by injecting eggs into player characters. The “Formication” condition can also be called “Bugs Under Skin”.

Oh! Heh, got me there… Dermatik? What the hell is that?

Dermatik: A wasp-like flying insect, smaller than most mutated wasps. It does not look very threatening, but has a large ovipositor in place of a sting.

You can find them in swamps IIRC.

Thanks for info… Another reason to steer clear of swamps.