Bugs about gun accessories

This is my first time to post in this forum, it’s a pity that this post is about bugs.

Without further ado, the details of this bug are as follows.

First of all, I found in the experimental version released on March 16 that there are still bugs in the gun accessories: the accessories that improve recoil and speed up the aiming speed do not work when installed in the gun.

As an example, when the gun is equipped with the under-barrel laser sight, in theory, the accuracy of firearms will be improved to a certain extent, and the aiming time should be shortened. In fact, the information displayed in the item details column is exactly the same.But unfortunately, when you press the f key to aim, you will find that the aiming time is not shortened, but even longer. However, there seems to be some improvement in accuracy.

The second point is that the gun’s accessories had no effect on improving recoil. No matter how many accessories the gun is equipped with to improve its maneuverability, no matter how much the recoil display of the gun in the menu is reduced, when pressing the f key to aim, and when pressing the . key stabilizes the firearm, there is no improvement in recoil for any firearm.

After discovering this bug, I tried to install the latest experimental version of the game before the topic was established, and the bug still existed.

While I regret that this email may cause Kevin have to dive into a mountain of code, looking for bugs that he don’t know where to hide and damage his hairline, I still wish for a speedy resolution.

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