[BUG] Shopping carts magically giving you the ability to trespass things

For example, a reproduceable bug: Pass a door with the shopping cart, close the door, then try to go to the door again. The PC will climb the cart ignoring there is a door. You can easily abuse this bug when surrounded.

it applies to carts stuck (spawned) in walls, and cart bridges in rivers. shopping carts are god D:

Thanks for the easy to reproduce bug report, that’ll make it a lot easier to fix.

I actually can’t manage to duplicate this. If a cart is in the door then the door doesn’t actually close, regardless of if you give the close command or not.

That said I’ve got a PR up that implements a sanity check for this, so while it won’t stop you from getting stuff stuck in walls, it should at least stop you from using it to walk through them.