Bug or bad config?

Same here.
And drop items is a pain.

The taking a second for your first steps, is there something on the ground nearby and do you have auto pickup on? I notice it takes a second when I first walk by something on the ground when I first load into the game, but it also happens if I change the auto pickup rules while playing.

I also saw a Reddit post the other day about them trying to figure out what is slowing down parts of the game. Sometimes everything is fine for me, other times things like passing time while sleeping takes forever.

The construction menu is always slow as hell for me when looking through it, so I’ve just been using the search function.

Of course not. That would be easy to notice.

this happens to me when I have processes running in the background or am tabbing out of the game, I believe it’s just an issue with how ram is used, restarting the game will fix that for me. Worst case I sign out of my PC and then restart to cleanse all processes.

Drives that click is the arm not finding the sector it needs like it should. Something is physically wrong with the drive. Also. The speed of the drive is irrelevant when the amount of files are in high number. In short, it will take 2 drives longer to copy 2,000 files from one to the other compared to a 100mb single file.

Just examples. But it could be a problem with hardware coupled with large amounts of files.

@Rose @Belcanzor The latest release made some changes to map memory, which should clear up some memory on a save file. Have you tested load times since the update?

I can’t update, the launcher is dead.

It’s leaving its parking space, that is the normal behavior.

Yes @Entity. Drop still slow, load still slow.

Because of the way Win deal with thousand small files I m using TEracopy in PC and FastCopy in notebook.

Maybe its a mod? I post my mod list?
The game is complex and do a lot of maths but people dont complain about speed. Maybe because we, few user, have this problem and not everyone. The only thing left its MODs.

You know, that might be the difference, come to think of it. I’m on Linux, and Linux isn’t the king of server OSes for nothing.

1: This slowdown problem belong to latest versions.

2: The big difference between “d” drop and “/” suggest this is about inventory.

3: Savegame size and number of files is not the problem.

I play all the weekend at home, now play with the notebook at work is a pain.
Compressed savegame is 16mb if someone want to check.

Are you running in fullscreen or windowed? Maybe try changing to the other setting, restarting the game, and seeing if you get improved results.

Could have ShadowCopy on and the drive is backing stuff up as you move along. Indexing is also an annoyance with many files.

Just offering suggestions if it isn’t the game specifically.

No programs in background. Most windows services disabled.

Windowed. Already try the others.

Windows 7 64 bits both computers one 8 ram the other 1
*Filthy Clothing
Modular Turrets
Salvaged Robots
*NPC Traits
*Mxotto Cosmetic 10
*Vehicle Addition Pack
Tanks and Other Vehicles

The ones with * are from my last run, and where the problem start.
I suspect the number of followers as something on this.

I use all of those mods and about 10 more, except for the Dino mod, never even tried that one. You could start there?

Also I remember seeing a setting in debug that changes how the game gets encoded on windows, you could toggle that and see if it it makes a difference.

Not sure if this has anything to do with it. But I noticed my game ctd 100% of the time whenever I have modular turrets and salvaged robots mods active. No idea why it crashes. But this could be a problem for you maybe?

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Well, I restart without those and see after few days of play.

Helped my game. Hope yours too :slight_smile:

Version 8075 solves most lag.
I have a mod conflict or missing item but I learn how to add with notepad++.
Guess is better just wait new versions and all bugs gone.