Buff to learning?

Now that there’s ‘deprecated’ learning from recipes and the like, it seems unless I use stuff like dynamic spawning there’s no point in trying to raise most of the skills by hand. I first noticed it with archery only giving on average 0-2% learning per shot, with fast learner. Fabrication’s the same way, where, unless my worlds have been unlucky, there has been very little loot.

It seems melee now is overwhelmingly easier than ranged, and reading books is the only useful way to get skills up in any “reasonable” amount of time, but I figure I’ll have to constantly melee things just for a chance at books.

I can understand if there’s a “push” to make the game more dangerous by prioritizing melee, but when a friend of mine with dynamic spawn and melee can get to near the end of summer in half the time it takes me to get to near the end of spring with a focus on ranged, it’s pretty saddening. He was even running failed bionic and I was pain resistant!

P.s., is it supposed to be over 100F near the end of spring, or has someone been messing around with temperature systems

Edit: Also, could we get buffs to arrow recipes? It’s alarming I can make arrowheads before I know what they’re used for. Fab 4 archery 3, I only recently figured out how to put fletching on arrows, and still don’t know that arrowheads can go on arrows.

I think the system is good as is. I mean if it was comparably easy to ‘learn by doing’ people wouldn’t write books/ study etc.
They would just do the damn thing.
For some skills, learning by doing is easier (melee, archery, swimming), but i don’t believe that there are many people than can reinvent the advances in mechanics, electronics, medicine etc. by themselves.

btw. one shouldn’t be able to infinitely up his mechanics skill just by mucking around with welders and car fixing. It should only work for, say, up to lvl 6-8

PS. It seems a bit excessive that with the proper books one can reach lvl 10 in half a week. :wink:

I can confirm this… experiencing up to 38C in spring. New England’s HOT!