Specifically the large 5 gallon buckets, not your garden pail.

I want a water-holder that isn’t a massive keg, or a tiny bottle.

Makeshift buckets too?
Definitely agree, with the idea. But would the content’s be spilled if you character were to be manhandled?

Try gallon jugs or plastic jerrycans

yeah, but buckets man.

I need that open top for my tears

I want buckets and makeshift buckets too. Just to have more makeshift stuff and a way of storing water without having to find plastic bottles - for the wilderness folks.

But would you have to hold the bucket or have it in your pack, which makes no sense…

I’d imagine if you put a full bucket in your pack it’d be standing up and pretty solidly packed in there with all the other crap.

Now if only we could reduce the charge and make the player wet.

For the sake of simplicity we could just assume it’s one of those buckets that can be closed.



Why? Buckets with lids are common.

Future buckets have an attached lid.


You could either implement a complex mechanic for water loss, or assume that your character did what any sane survivor would do and crafted/found a makeshift lid for it. I’m not sure why you’re so attached to option one.

It wouldn’t be that hard to have the game automatically dump any contents of the bucket if you unwield it.


…So, we can dig a series of shallow pits and fill them with water?
…can we populate our new moat fishan pond with wildlife? :smiley:

Anyway, makeshift buckets should come with a hole in it.