Bags boxes and paper wrappers need not be buckets

I love the new bucket thing. It is great for say holding a cup in your hands, if that is all you got, and drinking or crafting with it.

But I do not think bags, boxes and paper wrappers need to be buckets.

You CAN close all of these things for storage. Bags you can wrap around themselves, or fold down like this:

Boxes have the little closey thingy pretty regularly:

And for bigger boxes, you can do the box closing trick I taught my wife and caught her telling her parents about:

And paper wrappers stay around the thing they are put on, pretty regularly.

What do you guys think?

I registered just to say I wholeheartedly agree. Its a bit ridiculous to think someone would just pour pasta/jerky/cookies/cottonballs/chocolate into their pockets/backpacks when it comes in a nice package.

If they must remain buckets for some balance reason I suggest to have opened bags/boxes/wrappers and closed bags/boxes/wrappers. When you get something from the store its usually sealed, so if the container is full when you first find it it can be assumed to be closed and sealed, however if you open it to use the item it contains it then remains open and behaves as it does now.

I just started playing two weeks ago, so I don’t know if there is a vacuum-sealer but perhaps if there is not it can be added, or if it does exist the function to reseal bags can be added to it.

It’s a bug, I missed a few cases.

Non-watertight containers shouldn’t be buckets right now.

I imagine the whole thing will see a proper pass if/when they finish the nested container work. I look forward to the day that my pills are found in pill bottles, and I can put the bottles into a bag, and put the bag on a shelf.

Hell, some days I’m tempted to dig my hands into the Git and see what I can’t help.

Plastic cups seem to still be suffering from this bug, as I tried to pick up some pudding and its asking me to dump it out to take the cup or to wield it. Or are the pudding cups not the sealed ones I’m thinking of?

should be. I’ve not messed with the newer versions yet, but it sounds like you are right. The only pudding cups I know of are the ones you are talking about so it needs fixing.