Bridge Tiles Don't Intersect Properly

[size=36pt]Houston, we have a problem.[/size]

Was doing 80 and then slowed down to 50 for the turn and then noticed the bridges didn’t intersect correctly.

Mapgen error.

Not really fixable unless you re-wrote the whole system.

Out of curiousity did you land into the drink? Oh Cataclysm how you troll us, yet keep us wanting more damnit.

I am also getting a related problem - houses can intersect with each other. See below:

Just what we’ve wished for! Bigger houses! Break the intersecting windows and live in there!

Last time this happened to me (2.0) I found out that you are fine as long as you have one wheel on the ground at all times. So if your car is long enough to bridge the gap (5 squares, 6 to be sure) then your fine… if not, its off to Davy Jones’ locker with ye!