Booze-blind lasting notably long?

So, I’ve been brewing Tainted Tornados. Heavily. Really heavily. Something inside me straining to break free every other dose heavily. I’ve been drinking it heavily, too; I’ve got a ton of canned/pickled/dehydrated meat (Carnivore) and I live in a so far completely safe area (windowless Luxury SUV with solar panels to run all the fridges), so I chug till I’m falling down then nap the day away. However, I’ve run into an issue about twice now with this - Sometimes, I’ll go blind from too many depressants and it just won’t go away. Ever.

I’ve tried it a couple times now - I chug Tainted Tornados till I’m ready to drop, then I actually do drop, but even waiting till I’m down to 0 depressants has me blind as a bat. For days. Eye drops don’t help, I’m full health, I’ve tried antiparasitics, I’m not addicted to anything, I’ve got the lights on (lol), and still nothing. I may as well not even have eyes. Is this intentional? The wiki says that 10 turns (tear gas) seems to be the longest lasting bout of Blindness one can incur, and I’ve spent in-game hours without sight. Seems bugged to me, anyone else running into this?

It may be a bug, but there’s an easy solution.

Stop drinking so much.


Living off cans of… whatevers handy? Drinking to unconsciousness? Napping the day away? It’s college life, Apocalypse style! :rofl::joy:

Look, maybe I’m a little scared to take on any notable points of interest to learn to make better mutagen - a girl’s gotta get her mutation on on a budget, you know?

I would say hold off on the booze for a few days. You may have basically stacked the debuff crazy high, like how people used to drink so much atomic coffee they didn’t have to sleep for weeks.

So technically speaking, this is probably where it’s happening.

When your stimulant level goes very negative to the point where it causes you to pass out it applies the downed effect, it applies the blind effect and it forces you to fall asleep. What I noticed however is that it doesn’t actually do anything to keep you asleep and the thing that keeps to the downed effect and the blinding effect from stacking is a check for whether you’re asleep not whether you’re downed.

Off the top of my head what I’m guessing is happening is that if your fatigue level is very low when you pass out then you fall asleep but you almost immediately wake up at which point the low stimulant level causes you to get the pass out drunk effect again, possibly several times in a row. I’m guessing that the wake up code is nullifying the downed and asleep condition when this happens, but the blind effect is accumulating.

That sounds logical; I’ve definitely had times where I’ve gone way past what one should reasonably consume, so the blindness ‘accumulating’ would make sense, and I’ve had all the symptoms you’ve described (passing out only to wake up instantly, getting drunk immediately after waking up, passing out all over again).