Books skipping timing, or is it just me

This is Version 6fbd929

When reading books i have noticed that after reading the book three times it reads the book again but it does not give you any stat gain percentage.

this char has fast reader if that helps any

Have to be more descriptive. Do you mean three levels? If so, you have read the book to max skill level, but can’t progress further. There’s a message you won’t “learn” anything, but if the book still has recipes you can re-read it at a higher level to learn recipes.

That version code helps a little, but it’s usually more helpful to post the build like 1932 or something.

It’s also possible it was a level 1 book, and you went from like level 0 at 90% to level 1 0% quickly.

Well, every instance of your skill going up a percentage you normally get some… after every 3 instances it reads the book again with no skill increase

Please do not tell people this, the version number is the best thing to post, the build number is way less helpful.

I think both would be best. but where do you find the build number

That hash on the title screen is the version (and the last commit merged), the build number is what you downloaded if you grabbed it from the experimental-version list at Narc’s server. Usually the file comes out looking something like cata-0A-9999 or somesuch, and the 9999 would be the build number.

Presumably the build server writes the build number somewhere when it does the build. If having the build number is a big help for quickly finding and squashing bugs, then maybe it would be worth the effort to have the load/splash/main screen try to read and display the build number underneath the version number.

This could be a bit build-server dependant, but just allow the build number read to fail (and thus not get displayed) should be fine to avoid runtime errors for builds using build servers that don’t write the build number as expected.

Reposting for emphasis:

Please do not tell people this, the version number is the best thing to post, the build number is way less helpful.[/quote]

Emphasis added.

I was wondering why you needed the build number. Well duh. Brain rot. Or something. Apologies.

I assumed the build number was better because unless someone’s using a mirror or compiling themselves, we’d be getting stuff from the single dev site. Presumably what’s whoever that guy is, is autocompiling from every git pull, so why not the build number?

The build number gives us a rough idea of when it came out, and if it’s still around, the version to try to duplicate it on.

The version hash lets us find the exact code commit that caused the version you’re playing. Much more precise starting point, even if the commit didn’t cause the problem.

I assumed there was a log of which commits a build was made from. (and that it was literally every pull, unless another pull came in before the previous one had finished compiling)

We can look up the version number from the build number (and vice versa), but it’s not a simple lookup, it’s many steps, whereas with the version number I can literally run a single command that references that number, build, and have a version of the game identical to yours.
Literally the only thing I do with build numbers is use them to look up version numbers, which takes several minutes of futzing around on the build bot website that is pure wasted time.