Blue item stack backgrounds gone?!

I was playing around with the controls trying to find the key for viewing bionics(I found it) when I noticed that all of a sudden I couldn’t see the blue backgrounds that signify item stacks any more! I think I’ve pressed every key possible trying to get them back but nothing works… Does anyone have any idea how I can get them back? I made the mistake of saving and exiting thinking it might come back after a restart, or I’d revert to my last autosave…

Nevermind, I hadn’t fully exited the game, only the current character. Doing so and restarting entirely did fix it. My bad. It really scared me and I panicked…

That means that there’s not enough light, not because you messed with your key bindings. Get a flashlight and turn it on while you’re in the room with the item stacks and get back to me.

I’m pretty sure this has happened to me multiple times during the day, not only during low light conditions, it seems to happen fairly regularly when I alt-tab out and then back into the game (I play full screened).

That said, I don’t know this 100%. The next time it happens to me I’ll reply with the exact circumstances involved.

Well, what are the tiles? Are they lockers, display racks, book shelves, etc?

Any tile, it happens to all stacks simultaneously, including ones on open ground.

Sounds like the same problem I’m having.