Bionics and mutations that increase damage resistance

Do these actually work? I just found a subdermal carbon filament CBM, installed it, seemed to do nothing. I multiplied the bionic’s values by a factor of 1000 in player.cpp and recompiled, still seemed to do nothing.

Well, you modded the files so most likely it’s conflicting with another script now. They do increase armor defense, but not what you may think how.
Subdermal carbon Filament CBM is supposed to be weak, used with heavier armor so it makes it slightly more effective and doesn’t provide encumbrance… Making it pretty damn good if used with well-made armor hitting 0 encumbrance,

That’s a profoundly unhelpful post.

Just wear some light-armor and it should help, but setting the bionic values factor to 1000 won’t work unless you make a new world.

Theoretically a connection got broken somewhere so no, trait/aug armors aren’t helping. Someone started a fix but decided xe didn’t feel like keeping up with the dev cycle (daily updates), so abandoned it halfway.

Yes they would, if the values were functioning. I know you want to help, but if you don’t understand how things work then please don’t offer misleading technical advice, it’s counterproductive.

Thanks. In that case I might see if I can do anything about it myself.

Does this affect alloy plating CBM’s?

I believe so. It uses the same code. So do all of the mutations that are meant to provide armour.

Ohhh, so that’s why I never noticed any effect…

Oh well. Time to whip out the scalpel I guess.

Are they still not functioning? I have no idea how to tell if alloy plating helps me or not.

Pretty sure it does work now, though its effect is small - “armor” type bionics give 3 cut and bash armor, subdermal filament gives 2 bash and 4 cut armor.
At least that’s how it looks from the code in src/player.cpp.

If that got fixed I’m not aware of it, unfortunately. :frowning: