Bionic Patient with Patient Gown

Another idea I had.

To tone the Bionic Patient a bit, maybe they should spawn in nothing but a new item, the patient gown.
It offers minimal protection and warmth, encumbers you slightly, and has no storage.
They would also spawn with flip-flops.

The new gown could be used on a new type of zombie, the Zombie Patient, that would fill up hospital spawns.

Just my thoughts.

MAybe not with Bionic Patient but on zombies it might work, the “Bionic Patient” is supposed to be something that happened awhile back, not right before the Cataclysm.

True, though a properly non-warm, non-protective Gown and the practically-useless footgear would drop the Patient’s point cost a notch or two. Those are some pretty nice augs there.

Agreed that the current lore doesn’t support it, but Pre-Op Hospital Patient (gear problems, possible drug effects/Medical Mutagen) would probably be interesting.