Hello all, new to the forum, obviously, and only been playing the game a few days now. Just downloaded the new v0.4 update, and I noticed that we’ve got options for both Near and Far sighted now. And you can take both if you wish.

However, if you do, it only gives you a pair of eyeglasses to let you see the world around you, and you don’t get any reading glasses, so thus melee and reading is right out of the question until you can find a pair.

I know this isn’t some major update suggestion or anything, but it might be nice to get a pair of bifocals if you pick both from the start.


Yeah, at some point I want to either make those two traits mutually exclusive, or add bifocals. Not quite sure which yet.

That’s a bug, then. I’ll check it out next time my character dies, just to verify, but you should get both the reading glasses and the eyeglasses separately.


And if it isn’t too difficult, I’d vote for adding them in, because there are some people who struggle with seeing both far and near, so it’s not that out of the question.

I also think it was just a bug with that character, although I’m not sure what caused it. I started up a new one, with just Near and Far sighted, and he’s wearing both pairs without any problem, somehow.