Becoming the Blob (Spoiler talk)

Having just gone through the wiki’s lore page, it got me thinking about the future of humanity in the wake of the Cataclysm, particularly when it comes to the major factions vying for control of Earth. While I think there are reasonable arguments for taking the paths that lead to joining both the Triffid and Mycus, I cannot find any particular path via mutation towards embracing the Blob, the closest I think being the Slime mutation.

Now from what I understand, the Blob is not an entity that either understands or cares in the least about individuality, seeking only to extend its consciousness to new environments in a never ending cycle, and is so utterly powerful and massive that survivors are only tolerated because they are completely below notice. Efforts to retake Earth from it would be unthinkable, so for the dregs of humanity to ever survive we would have to rely on adaptation.

Instead of stubbornly insisting on notions of victory, a path to symbiotic living might be the only long term hope. Much in the same way that our own gut bacteria is a foreign entity living within our system and enriching our lives, humanity might be adapted to serve a function well enough to be at first tolerated by the Blob, perhaps even embraced in the long term.

Earth is still a battleground, insinuating that the Blob has not focused effort on it further because it is not worth the effort. Life in all forms seems interested in conserving energy for itself, and the Blob functions on some level by the principle. Fully eradicating the other factions present in CDDA would requires at least some energy from the Blob, energy it seems to focus elsewhere that is more rewarding. Cue a possible function for humanity to serve.

As an example, the Mycus is still able to overtake the hosts of the Blob and repurpose them, and we see that effect happening in game with rapid efficiency. That threat will eventually have to be addressed by the Blob, either by mutating its hosts to be protected against it or overwhelming the Mycus with enough force to eradicate them completely. We as players already serve some of this purpose for the benefit of the Blob. We are able to autonomously create drugs to purge our systems of the fungal infection, create artificial filters to protect ourselves, and find the Mycus’ presence intolerable enough that we are driven to burn it out ourselves. With a small portion of humanity still existing and marginally empowered, the Blob needs not exert any energy itself to solve the problem of the fungus.

The only real remaining problem is how the Blob’s own systems seek out the remnants of Humanity with hostility. Because it is incapable of communicating or even considering the individual, my thought is that it is up to the survivors adapt themselves, either through mutation or artificial means (via those zombie pheromones you can craft/find) to be accepted into the new environment of the Blob. If human life and reproduction could continue beneficially alongside the higher functions of the Blob itself, there would be little need to violently kill the remains of humanity.

Just various thoughts that I had! This game is an absolute joy for getting the creative thoughts flowing! :slight_smile:


This is actually one of the most compelling arguments for human survival in CDDA that I’ve read. I like it.


Nature is the best teacher. Zepher, I love your idea

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Thanks ya’ll! I find the story so interesting as it has enough parallels to nature, but poses a few very key scenarios that have to be considered by themselves.