Bears sneaking in my car

I have a standard Flatbed Truck, with only a few minor modifications (some blades in front, and some extra plating). While sleeping peacefully inside, i was crudely awoken by a… guess… a bear chewing my face. What is wrong with this cars? Why can bears (and probably other animals/critters) sneak inside, like i was sitting in the open with an EAT ME sign attached?
And more important, how can i fix my car?
More details : i was sleeping in the driver’s seat, and the bear attacked me from the 1 tile up the left door (one that says [frame] in description). I checked in construction menu, and i can not add much to it.

Bears are ninjas. Theres no stopping them getting into your car and mauling you

i eventually killed the damn ninja-bear, but i am more interested in bear-proofing my car :slight_smile:

I tend to solve this by widening the windshield, removing the possibility of diagonal ninja bear attacks.

Or keep a saiga on hand

“The monsters inhabiting diagonal spaces”. There’s something drearily beautiful and lovecraftian about this bug that makes me love it. Being them bears in this case just makes it better.

I recently had this problem myself. Enemies (and you) can crawl over wheels and frames. If you can climb into your car without opening the door, so can they.

To fix it, either replace the frames with boards (which also block sight if that matters) or put a windscreen over it. You can put windscreens over the top of wheels too if you want a completely sealed interior.

thanks, finished bear-proofing the car.
After-thought : can they (the bears) break open the windshields?

I’ve never seen it tested, but I don’t think so. :smiley:

Don’t count on a windshield protecting you; there’s no hiding from the ninja bear.

Problem solved (paintbrush can kill anything :stuck_out_tongue: )

Gotta remember, you can climb over frames into the vehicle proper.

It seems a bit counterintuitive for the game to behave that way. Maybe it should be impossible to move between outside and inside tiles unless passing through a halfway tile first (a door or a broken window).

But then, what if you blast the walls?

[quote=“Ferodaktyl, post:11, topic:1035”]Problem solved (paintbrush can kill anything :stuck_out_tongue: )

Here at aperature, we fire the whole bullet. thats 75% more bullet.

10/10 shoop skills.

Well, yes. Broken frames should become In/Out tiles too, like the windows when they’re smashed.

[quote=“Ferodaktyl, post:11, topic:1035”]Problem solved (paintbrush can kill anything :stuck_out_tongue: )
The paint skills is strong in this one.