Bayonet attachments don't seem to be working properly

Tried using both a sword bayonet and an attached combat knife, but I only seem to be inflicting blunt damage, never piercing. I am using the CQC Bionic, so I have 5 in all melee skills. I’m using a recent experimental, Linux version e0e67bd

I think the ability to use bayonets in hand to hand combat was removed in favor of reach combat.

I don’t really understand what you mean by that. To clarify, the bayonets are being used as bayonets, attached to a rifle. However, attaching a bayonet doesn’t actually change the melee damage of the rifle. I just did a quick test, and the game is just applying the normal bashing damage of the rifle, as if there is no attachment. Reach attacks are possible with the sword bayonet, but the it is still just using the rifle’s unmodified bash damage.

Confirming it happens. Also with reach attacks, so it obviously wasn’t intended.

Reported and submitted a fix proposal.

Nice keyspace, thanks so much!

Hey, how can I tell if this has been patched yet? No idea how Github works…

Update your game and stab something. While the fix should be listed in the changelog, it might have been overlooked, or you may just not want to look for it.

Take a look at the pull request page. It has been merged about a day ago.

Take a look at the pull request page. It has been merged about a day ago.[/quote]

thank you!